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Choosing the right installer is one of the most important aspects of your flooring purchase. A proper installation is critical to creating the look you want, and in helping to make sure it stays that way for years to come.

We've created the Armstrong Certified Installer program to give you peace-of-mind that your floor will be installed exactly as it should be.

Every Armstrong Certified Installer is:

Armstrong Certified Installers are specially trained and certified to expertly install any Armstrong flooring product.

Armstrong Certified Installers must pass a rigorous hands-on and written exam to become certified.

Armstrong Certified Installers receive ongoing product information and support from Armstrong.

Armstrong Certified Installers have access to the Armstrong Installation Training Network, providing them with additional expertise right in your neighborhood.

Armstrong Certified Installers stand behind their work, and Armstrong stands behind them.


Renovation Nation is the only CFI certified hard surface installer in Jacksonville!!   What that means is over 75% of defects of jobs today are due to installation error, here at Renovation Nation quality is our number 1 priority so we have taken all the steps necessary to insure proper floor installation, per manufacture standard. When there guidelines are followed hard surfaces will have less than a 1% defect rate. Renovation Nation is proud to  have had 0 defects in the last 6 years of business claimed against my business and or any business that I have worked or subcontracted for. We will provide the same high quality work to your project.



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